See what's to come!

My beautiful Darklings do I have something for your starlit eyes only. If you want to know what future products will be coming to the shop, look no further than the Prologue. Here I will reveal sketches of things to come and I hope it excites you as much as it does me! There's always more to come.


This perfectly delectable death berry will be showcased as a set of earrings and also have the option to be worn as a necklace pendant. Entirely made of resin, a silver dusted skull is placed inside a strawberry mold and submerged in resin.

Urn (no official name yet)

There's no rest for the wicked. Planning this out has really kicked my ass and it continues to. I aspire to make this Victorian urn breathtakingly gorgeous, with as many details as I can fit into it.

Above & Below

This lovely sketch will evolve to become a beautiful earring set, with the base being made from stainless steel wire and coated in resin. The letters will be placed individually placed and glued down with resin.